Belén Soto

She proposes readings aloud along with the projection of a Super 8 reel that you have not yet seen in its entirety. The readings are fragments of his book Will you come to say goodbye?, published this year by Blatt and Ríos España; The film is one of those that he has ended up inheriting from his grandfather, whom he does not have much appreciation for but to whom he is grateful for that record. His father dedicated one day to digitizing the parts that interested him most, and thanks to that he was able to look at his past, at his land, at the joys and cruelties that forge his emotional heritage. Years after seeing the digitizations, she wrote a story that is now part of the book: that will be the end of the readings.


Belén was born in Córdoba in 1992, she is a cultural programmer and writes. Curator of the public programs of @hamacaonline, an experimental video platform. He has been part of various artistic groups and activism and cultural writing projects. As part of the collective he published "Morir guay I" (2020) and "Morir guay II" (2023), among other titles, and together with Laura Macaya, within the framework of Hamaca, he has published "Conflict is not the same as abuse" (2024). He has written texts for magazines such as ACCA Magazine and has edited several fanzines. "Will you stop by to say goodbye?" It is his first book.


Les trobades de no-ficció en camp obert, no la pel·lícula.
Los encuentros de no-ficción en campo abierto, no la película.
The non-fiction encounters in the countryside, not the movie.

T-11, KM 0.
Riudoms, Tarragona


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