Club de Piedras

Club de Piedras is a meditation and drawing gym. 
It's the only gym in the world that promises to give you your money back if you get sore. 
Still, the reality is harsh: sit-ups, drawing, and meditation are only possible if you commit to the practice. 
And here is the Club to make it fun, because another truth like a temple is that if you don't have a good time, there is no commitment.
This is not a “wellness course”, but a meditation video game, a gamified podcast about drawing or a geology class from the year 2075.
The stone club is not a cult either, but you will have to check that when you subscribe. 
Although I can say that it is surprising how many people love stones - normal stones, not precious ones - and want to have a good time 
while they stop thinking about their boss and frown, and connect with their inspiration to make better decisions based on intuition. more creative.
The Club is a unique, playful experience that does not ask you to know anything at all (or draw, meditate, or be a technophile), 
and that focuses on one thing: that you be attentive, and that you be present. Our motto: think less, draw more.


Les trobades de no-ficció en camp obert, no la pel·lícula.
Los encuentros de no-ficción en campo abierto, no la película.
The non-fiction encounters in the countryside, not the movie.

T-11, KM 0.
Riudoms, Tarragona


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