Eloísa Suárez

One of the nights we will project a carte blanche in two directions, between two meetings on contemporary cinema. We have co-scheduled a night 
with the concept of PELIS COMO PIEDRAS / PIEDRAS COMO PELIS. Heloise came to the first edition and its Cine Cauce project was born from a need 
such as our: alternative exhibition and meeting spaces between cinema and other arts.

Cinema Cauce is a rural meeting space for dialogue and exchange of knowledge The Ibero-American guests talk in collective sessions on different 
topics linked to the exhibition of images in motion. We relate programming, experimental creation and alternative files to share experiences, 
case studies and tools in order to generate shared knowledge between guests, assistants and the team. 


he is interested in the various manifestations of alternative exhibition and film programming situated in rural and peripheral contexts.  During his curatorial master's degree at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola he conceptualized and materialized the Cine Cauce meeting. ç She has worked as a film and music programmer at the Goethe-Institut in Mexico City and Madrid, as a cultural manager in the projects of the Z365  area of ​​the San Sebastián Festival or in Procine (CDMX) coordinating and collaborating with film club networks. He also worked in the accreditation  department of the Berlinale and on various alternative cultural initiatives in Berlin. He recently participated in the collective curatorship  of the Europe and Ruralities film series for the Ministry of Culture (Spain).


Les trobades de no-ficció en camp obert, no la pel·lícula.
Los encuentros de no-ficción en campo abierto, no la película.
The non-fiction encounters in the countryside, not the movie.

T-11, KM 0.
Riudoms, Tarragona


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