Julián Galay

On the first night of the screening, we will have the artist Julián Galay who will present his work, Un silencio sísmico (2023) and who will accompany in a double session the feature film Río Turbio (2020) by Tatiana Mazú and of which he himself made the sound design. Un silencio sísmico will be the first screening of all of this edition and we will have its director to generate a first dialogue with the stones and the cinema; its possibilities and impossibilities of representation, its approach to matter and absence.


Julián Galay (Buenos Aires, 1988) is an “indisciplinary” composer who works with sound, images and language in different formats such as concerts, performance, installation, editing and experimental cinema. His body of work explores the unconscious of architectural spaces, scientific institutions and their link with supernatural and post-natural phenomena through personal diaries, dreams and archives. His work was presented in Amsterdam, Basel, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Lima, New York, Tokyo, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Lives in Berlin. — www.juliangalay.com


Les trobades de no-ficció en camp obert, no la pel·lícula.
Los encuentros de no-ficción en campo abierto, no la película.
The non-fiction encounters in the countryside, not the movie.

T-11, KM 0.
Riudoms, Tarragona


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