2020 Edition. First Casa de Lava

From August 13-16, 2020

THEY ALL ARRIVED A HOT TIME AFTERNOON of a radiant August 13 of 2020. Nerves, worries, last-minute rush and a lot of gel hydroalcoholic. One always remembers those who arrive first because they are the ones you spend more time with, making you swallow those sensations so hateful that they are born from waiting.

And then they all arrived others.

Everything was ready and prepared for whatever would happen in the next few days. 
Nobody knew.

Who made it possible:

Clara Madurell, Núria Tuneu, Garbiñe Ortega and Marta Selva. Adriana Vila Guevara, Andrea Morán, Albert Alcoz, Diana Toucedo, Nuno Lisboa, Nuria Cubas, Lluís Escartín and Flavia Escartín. A Marta Nieto, Lois Patiño, Pablo Carpal and Toful (Cristopher). Lester Álvarez and Liz Solanch. Thanks to Dídac Mariné and Jaume Sabater, for all the material provided.

To all participants (in order of registration):

Olatz Ovejero, Camila Robles, Luna Andrade, Rebeca Romans, Elisa González, Claudia Negro, Maite de Orbe, Diego Ginartes, Alfonso Camacho, Milagros Tavara, Inés García, Andrés Sanjurjo, Laura Escacha, Eloísa Suárez, Júlia Solans, Paulina Quiroz, Elda Isavelina Ortiz, Antonia Rossi, Roberto Contador, Allison Figueroa, Anna Hanslik, Alex Bosch, Jane-Lee Montmayeur and Laura Herrero.

To all the artists involved:

Samuel Delgado y Helena Girón. Pablo Carpal. Adriana Vila Guevara. Carla Andrade. Lluís Escartín. Albert Alcoz. Ben Rivers. Bruce Baillie. Jonathan Schwartz. Tacita Dean. Deborah Stratman. Elisa Celda.

To collaborators:

Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, Ruts, D.O. Catalunya, Vermuts Miró, Laurie, Cooperativa Agrícola de Riudoms, Ecosec.


Les trobades de no-ficció en camp obert, no la pel·lícula.
Los encuentros de no-ficción en campo abierto, no la película.
The non-fiction encounters in the countryside, not the movie.

T-11, KM 0.
Riudoms, Tarragona


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